Palau, a tiny archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Check out these nine tourist attractions in Palau:

This stunning island nation is known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and fascinating World War II history. If you’re looking for a unique travel destination that offers plenty of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences, Palau should be at the top of your list. In this article, we’ll share with you our top picks for the best places to visit and what we love about them.

Top Tourist attractions in Palau

  1. Babeldaob Island

Babeldaob Island is the largest island in Palau and is home to a diverse range of natural and cultural attractions. Visitors can explore the island’s ancient stone monoliths, which are believed to have been used as burial sites by the island’s early inhabitants. Babeldaob is also known for its lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls, and traditional Palauan villages.

  1. Rock Islands

The Rock Islands are a group of more than 300 limestone islands located in the southern part of Palau. These islands are known for their unique mushroom-like shapes and crystal-clear waters. The best way to explore the Rock Islands is by kayaking or taking a boat tour. Visitors can also go snorkeling or scuba diving to discover the colorful marine life living in the area.

  1. Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake is a must-visit destination in Palau. This marine lake is home to millions of jellyfish that have evolved to lose their stingers, making them completely harmless to humans. Visitors can swim alongside these gentle creatures and experience a truly unforgettable moment.

  1. Chandelier Cave

Chandelier Cave is a unique cave system located on the Rock Islands. The cave is home to stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over thousands of years. The cave is also home to crystal-clear waters, which visitors can swim in. The name of the cave comes from the chandelier-like formations of stalactites and stalagmites, which create a stunning sight.

  1. Ngardmau Waterfall

Ngardmau Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Palau, with a height of over 60 feet. Located in the Ngardmau State, the waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and offers a refreshing swimming hole at the bottom. Visitors can hike through the jungle to reach the waterfall and enjoy the scenic views along the way.

  1. Peleliu Island

Peleliu Island is a historic site that played a significant role in World War II. Today, visitors can explore the island’s history by visiting the Peleliu War Museum and hiking through the battlefields. The island is also home to some of Palau’s best beaches, including Orange Beach, which is known for its beautiful sunsets.

  1. Kayangel Island

Kayangel Island is a small island located in the northern part of Palau. The island is known for its beautiful coral reefs and marine life, making it a popular destination for snorkelers and scuba divers. Visitors can also explore the island’s lush vegetation and traditional Palauan village.

  1. Palau Aquarium

Palau Aquarium is a great destination for families and those interested in marine life. The aquarium features a variety of exhibits showcasing Palau’s diverse marine life, including sharks, sea turtles, and colorful fish. Visitors can also participate in educational programs and guided tours.

  1. Ngarchelong Ancient Village

Ngarchelong Ancient Village is a cultural site located in the northern part of Palau. The village features traditional Palauan architecture and is believed to have been inhabited by the island’s early settlers. Visitors can explore the village’s stone structures, burial sites, and learn about the village’s rich history and culture.


Palau is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves outdoor adventures and natural beauty. From pristine beaches to historic WWII wrecks, Palau offers a wide range of unique experiences that are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Palau today and experience the beauty and wonder of this incredible island nation. You can also click on the button below to start your Citizenship application.

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