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Citizenship-by-Investment (“CBI”) schemes offers instant passport to foreigners to make a a lump sum donation to the state or through buying a qualified real estate. The concept of CBI was first born in St Kitts and Nevis in 1984.

St Kitts and Nevis as well as Antigua & Barbuda are the two programs offering the most powerful passports for mobility and maximum travel freedom. These passports have visa free travel to over 150+ countries and territories. However, the country of Grenada offers the only passport with a visa waiver for e.g. China and Russia together.

The application process is often quite simple but comprehensive. Just pay an initial retainer deposit to us as a qualified Agent and we will file the application to the countries Citizenship-by-Investment unit (“CIU”). Upon approval one has to to pay the contribution (or finalizes the real-estate purchase) according to the CIU requirements. As an experienced Agent we will be delighted to guide you through all steps.

Saint Lucia and Dominica are the cheapest CIP for one person. Antigua and Barbuda is the cheapest CBI program for families. These programs are great and extremely popular.

Please allow 3-6 months usually to get your passport for a program in the Caribbean. Dominica is currently the fastest program in terms of processing times (average only 2 months).

The minimum cost for a single application to apply for (e.g. Dominica) a citizenship program starts at $109,500. There is an Agent fee in addition. Prices differ per country. Please contact us for a quote.

Applicants will have to provide us the initial set of documents for KYC (“Know Your Customer”) such as a current Passport(s) copy, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Police certificate(s), Bank references, Health clearance etc. Please note some documents require Apostille or Legalizations. We will guide and advise you through all steps.

RBI schemes often do not have any restrictions, open to all nationalities to apply. Some of the Citizenship-by-Investment schemes on the other hand do place some restrictions to nationals of Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and also others, as well it is depending on where you live and/or the source of funds.

Yes, you can add qualifying family members in one application. There are additional costs for adding more family members.