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Travel the world with a Grenadian Passport — fast-track second passport in just 90 days with visa-free access to over 143 countries worldwide, including EU and UK.

The only Caribbean country giving you an opportunity to settling in the USA though the US E2 non-immigrant visa. When applying for this program, children, parents and grandparents, as well as unmarried siblings, can be included under one application.

Grenada is a caribbean island nation comprising of six islands known as “Isle of Spice”. The island was originally known as Camerhougue, but Christopher Columbus renamed it “Concepción Island” when he visited it in 1498. Grenada has idyllic white or golden sand, palm trees, idyllic beaches, jagged mountains, spice plantations with authentic caribbean destination. Grenada consists of three key islands: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique each has rich history, culture and culinary delights. Grenada was a French and British colony, but gained independence from the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974. There are no wealth, inheritance or income taxes in Grenada.

Grenada’s economy is constantly expanding in the tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. The country has launched new citizenship by investment program in 2015 immediately granting citizenship to foreign investors.

Grenada citizenship scheme is rated as the gold standard in the CBI industry.

Citizenship benefits

  • Unspoiled exotic scenery ideal for holidays
  • No visa travel to over 120 countries including UK, EU Schengen states, China
  • Fast processing within 2 months
  • Lifetime citizenship for family and children
  • Access to E2 visa treaty with the US
  • Confidential application process with no exchange of information with other Governments
  • Direct flights to London, Germany, New York, Miami
  • Fastest approval time within 60 days

Citizenship by investment

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme allows individuals and their families to obtain citizenship or permanent residence. The Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) came into being in August 2013, when the Grenadian Parliament passed Act No. 15 of 2013, otherwise referred to as the ‘Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013.’ The stated objective of the Act is to “enable persons to acquire permanent residence and citizenship of Grenada through the following investment options:

  • USD 150,000 contribution to NTF fund.
  • USD 220,000 in real estate investment. (equity share)

In addition to the investment, there are several additional fees such as due diligence fee, Government fee, Passport fee etc.

New 2019 Changes

Grenada CIU had strengthened their citizenship by investment program with some new changes introduced in 2019 benefiting the applicants, after appointment of new CEO

  • Removal of permanent residence as a pre-requisite for citizenship
  • Removed the requirements for dependent children between the ages of 18 and 30 to be enrolled at an institution of higher learning and
  • Parents or grandparents over 55 years to be fully supported.
  • Secondary purchasers of CBI real estate units in approved real estate projects can acquire citizenship
  • Real estate investment reduced to USD 220,000 per share, jointly or co-investing in $440,000 unit.